Professional Services

Rhodes Engineering will carefully review all documents and materials related to legal cases or insurance claims, perform any required analysis, use simulation tools as required,  work with clients to develop optimum case statedgy,  educate key participants clients as to the technical matters at hand, provide lists of pertinent questions for examination of opposing experts, provide written reports as required, and provide expert witness testimony for depositions and trials.
Failure Analysis
We will analyze physical evidence, perform field testing, lab testing, review all documents and materials related to case, perform statistical analysis, simulate accident environment utilizing various modeling methods, surmise all possible contributory problems and their sources, and compile and submit a findings report if requested. 
Computer Modeling
When required, we can perform detailed circuit and/or electromagnetic computer modeling. We use state-of-the-art modeling software for accurate and reliable results. We can model electrical and electronic circuits from simple to complex. Our electromagnetic modeling may be used to model magnetic and electric fields as required.
Expert Testimony
When your case nears trial we will be ready to testify at both deposition and trial. We will assess case documents and materials and work with you to determine an optimal testimony strategy. We will educate (in laymen terms) you as well as  judge and  jury in regard to technical issues at hand. We will help you prepare questions for deposing and cross-examining opposing experts and provide expert testimony. We can also design and implement illuminating demonstrations for use at trial that will drive home your side of the case. 
Claim Verification
For insurance claims, we will research circumstances surrounding the claim, determine and obtain materials necessary to make accurate assessment, simulate environment (as alleged) at time of loss using various modeling methods, prepare and submit a findings report with recommendations.

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